10 Critical Steps for iPhone Repair

When something happens to your iPhone in the hustle and bustle of business, you may not have time to look for service or leave your phone service. The security of your personal data on your phone, which you disburse, can also be very important to you. That’s exactly where H&M FIX comes in. Because H&M FIX intervenes in front of your eyes by coming to your problem, which occurs in your phone. So you do not lose time and do not worry “Will my personal data be anything?”

But there are certain steps which “Things You Need to Know for iPhone Repair”. Now We are explaining 10 things you need to know for iPhone Repair for our valued customer’s. It will save your time. It will save your money.

1- Decision, You Want to Fix it by Yourself or Not?

It is actually considered as “one chance, don’t miss it”. Because if you mess it up all you get useless toy and you need to buy a new one. The safest way is to take it to the Apple store if it is still under warranty.

2- Tools to Fix an iPhone

Apple’s devices are very kind and gently assembled. For the screws in iPhone, you should buy a special screw driver. Don’t try to open it with a knife, it is really bad idea. Basically, to fix your iPhone gently/professionally, you will need a special set of tools/kit.

3- How and Where to Get Tools and iPhone Parts

It is another important step for you iPhone. When it is come to the buying parts for your iPhone, you need to get the original one to get better output and long lasting. Don’t try to open your iPhone with just regular screen driver. Consult with dedicated retailers for appropriate parts and tools.

4- What Can you Fix?

Based on our experience, these are the common problem you can fix by yourself;

-stuck home buttons
-cracked screens
-dead batteries
-broken ports
-failing microphones
-disconnected speakers

5- What You Can not Fix?

The brain part of your iPhone such as RAM, CPU, you can’t fix them. It is the logic part where all of your data resides in. Take it to the professionals to fix it for you.

6- Guidance

There are a lot of source for your iPhone fix, such as GoogleYouTube and Bing. However, your iPhone box also has a receipt to fix simple problems.

7- Save Your Data Before You Start Repair

iPhone is a box which holds your special moment s and important things for you. You don’t want to risk those documents. Before you start fixing your iPhone, copy over everything to an external hard disk in case of a bad situation.

8- Protect Yourself

It is still electronics, stay warned. When you change the battery it might blow over your face .Protect yourself by wearing a glass and put some distance between your iPhone and yourself

9- Do not Be Stubborn

Some people start fixing something, even if they understand that they can’t fix the problem, they still go all the way end and ended up by messing whole piece. Don’t be like them. It is dangerous, you can turn your iPhone into a simple toy.

10- Get Familiar with iPhone Parts

If you familiar yourself with iPhone world, you will quickly understand they it is fixed. As an advice, watch some tutorial for iPhone repair.

H&M FIX is here for you for another option, You are always welcome to our Georgetown location. We will be happy to assist you for your repair needs.