iPhone Repair at 3rd Party Vendor

Although iPhone is a nice device to use it multi functional, it requires a valid warranty. In case of unexpected accidents, such as damaging by spilling water on it or damages on the screen and so on. If such a case happened to your iPhone and you are just out of a warranty what would you do? Or where is the best place to get it fixed?

The answer for all of similar question above would be Apple store or an independent repair shop will help you the best?

There are three important things for us while fixing iPhone;

I am going to matrix Apple and independent repair shop on these three category:

iPhone Repair Time at Apple and 3rd Party Vendor

In independent repair shop, you can just take your iPhone to the store or call the store someone will come to your place and fix your iPhone within 1-3 hours based on the damage level. The repair guy will come with the repair kits to fix your iPhone or iPad.

Among the independent repair shops, there is a tough competition about fixing your device faster with quality work. Once they do this, they get good feed backs from the iPhone stakeholders or the customers so they get more and more task to do.

However in Apple store, an appointment has to be booked online or you mail your iPhone, to an Apple store. It can cost you weeks, also from Apple side, they say it can take up to 5 business days to repair your iPhone.

iPhone Repair Parts at 3rd Party Vendors

Used to all of the independent iPhone repair shops were using parts from grey market. Those parts are either recycled or counterfeit. Therefore, it was hard to find the original piece with low price but now, iPhone became very popular around the world and shops can find original parts easily.

As I mentioned above, there is a big challenge between independent repair shops so they have to Apple –certified repairs to take more job. You can easily ask them to show you what kind of parts they are using? That way it would be a lot easier to figure out the quality level of the part.

Apple, on the other hand already has original parts in their inventory.

iPhone Repair Costs at Apple and 3rd Party Vendors

Finding original Apple parts are not as used to as before. So it makes the independent repair shops top but original parts instead of junk ones. Part distributes are now in competition so it makes the price lower.

Some people judge independent repair shops because they fix the iPhone with low price, ”if price is low – quality is low “. I think it is not true anymore. They keep up of doing good work with low price.

Apple Inc., you have to have a warranty to fix your iPhone but warranty is also can be a burden for you because when you out of a warranty, you have to renew it again while you have your iPhone in your pocket.